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For Immediate Release
June 27, 2013

The owner of a one-time business known as “Show Me the Money Investments” has been ordered back to jail and re-ordered to pay $237,000 plus interest to two victims who were promised a large return on a “safe” investment in Utah real estate.  Max Banks Clark, 77,  had previously been sentenced to one year in jail on two third-degree felony counts of theft and one second degree felony count of theft.

After serving one month in jail, Clark was given another chance at a June 24 hearing to address his original sentence.  Third District Court Judge Terry Christiansen found that Clark had not made any substantial efforts to pay restitution and ordered him back to jail for at least another six months.

According to court documents, Clark convinced two women to invest nearly $300,000 in Utah real estate with the promise the investments were safe and would provide a solid return. So far Clark has repaid less than $325 of that amount since his conviction.

The evidence gathered by investigators with the Utah Attorney General’s Office showed much of the money collected by Clark went directly into his own accounts.  Clark then used the money for personal expenses or funneled it into his “Show Me the Money” business in ways that were not consistent with the agreements he made with the victims.

Upon his release, Clark will remain obligated to obtain employment, pay restitution and remain on probation for 100 additional months.



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